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  • What is an MSSP?
    by (John Allegro) on August 24, 2022

    What is an MSSP? The number of reported data breaches jumped 68 percent last year. It’s easy to think “that wouldn’t happen to me,” but cyber attacks can happen to anyone. You have to stay ahead to protect yourself, your company and your data. A Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) protects companies from experiencing a cyber security breach. An MSSP shouldn’t be mistaken for an MSP. Rather than focusing solely on IT services, an MSSP also implements security.

  • Introducing the Baseline Employee Cybersecurity Assessment
    by (John Allegro) on February 7, 2022

    The words “ransomware” and “phishing” have become household names. When we’re working with clients, we rarely have to define these terms for them because the danger is so well known. Even with these security risks so front-and-center in our minds, sometimes management has a hard time accepting that their own team may be part of the risk landscape.

  • 5 Ways to Streamline Your Patch Management Process
    by (John Allegro) on May 24, 2021

    Software patches for endpoints, servers, and applications are a critical component to maintaining the security and compliance status of your organization. They can help protect against newly discovered security vulnerabilities, add new features, or address an issue within a previous software release. Managing software patching across an organization’s many endpoints can be a challenging process for IT teams. Without an effective way to consistently scan for new patches and ensure patches are actually being applied to devices, devices can quickly become out of date, leaving potential gaps for cyberthreats wide open. To help keep up with the ever-growing number of devices and the patches required to keep them safe and compliant, many organizations are turning to more standardized patching management protocols. These 5 best practices below should be implemented to help streamline your patch management process.