About Us

BBH Solutions has locations throughout New York City and in our Data Center at CoreSite in New Jersey @NY2. A world-class city and a world-class data center for your protection.

BBH was founded in 1989 by Bruce Hoernecke (President & CEO), designing and installing infrastructure for various cabling requirements and the multiple technology protocols of the day; primarily Telecom and Data. Today BBH is a top tier IT centric company with a world class team of system architects. From wholesale Telecom & Internet BBH Connectivity services to a full set of On Premises and Off Premises (HOSTED) solutions, or a combination of each (Hybrid). BBH is a specialized firm optimized for a full set of turnkey services for you. From infrastructure cabling to optimizing your communication requirements with us, your company can get to the business of growing by allowing BBH to help you relieve some, or all, of your IT services off site OR build them new (with your IT team) onsite.

BBH‘s ability to cross pollinate with customer’s existing IT departments is another aspect of our expertise that has positioned us “beyond” today’s everyday unified communications provider. Our tagline “Optimized Communication Leaders” reinforces our professional flexibility, that of which is required to meet today’s multi faceted challenges. BBH’s expert level IT teams are considered ‘up in their class’ amongst Cisco, EMC, VMware, and Microsoft, just to mention a few.

BBH has an accomplished complex, audiovisual & video systems integration practices. BBH allows you, our customer, to explore, assess, plan, and deploy any number of critical communication solutions identified in our Ten Pillars of Excellence. All solutions work seamlessly with customer legacy systems and software.

BBH’s customers enjoy solutions (our Pillars of Excellence) that work seamlessly with customer legacy systems and software.