Cloud Services

Reliable and Secure

Why invest in overpowered and underutilized equipment when you can harness exactly what you need on demand for a predictable monthly cost? With BBH’s cloud services, you get the network that’s right for you.

Our approach is to provide you a cloud solution that gives you business continuity, disaster recovery, file storage, and computing to meet your current needs and can grow as your business grows. You also get to shift from huge large capital expenses for costly upgrades every few years to a scalable, reliable operating expense billing model.

Microsoft Tier 1 CSP

As a Tier 1 Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP), BBH is allowed to sell Microsoft 365 and other services directly to its customers. Microsoft recognizes our ability to adhere to high service level standards, and selected BBH to participate in this exclusive “trusted advisor” role. Here’s what that means to you:


Expert support with escalation path to Microsoft.


Control your cloud spending


Subscription provisioning and management


In-house expert cloud consultants

Upgrades - No issue!

That’s, right – with our cloud plans, you won’t need hardware and licensing upgrades, software updates, and storage and compute upgrades/expansion. BBH helps your organization decide which cloud services you need and puts them together in a way that streamlines your business operations and protects your valuable information.

The best part is that the infrastructure behind your services will remain updated and current, without you having to give it a thought.

Our Cloud Services Include:

  • Public, Private, and Hybrid models
  • Monthly consolidated billing
  • Bundled services
  • You pay only for what you need and what you use.
  • Disaster recovery / business continuity with different levels of replication
  • Microsoft 365 cloud applications and security features

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