Microsoft 365

What is Microsoft 365 for Business?

Microsoft 365 for Business is a subscription-based cloud platform that offers an array of productivity and collaboration tools suited for organizations from 2 to thousands of users. Previously known to many as Office 365, Microsoft 365 for Business takes the traditional offerings you’re likely familiar with – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. and pairs them with the power of cloud-based collaboration applications like SharePoint, OneDrive, and Teams to offer a single streamlined, powerful suite of tools.

World-Class Productivity, From Anywhere

Because Microsoft 365 for Business is completely subscription-based, you can customize a solution that fits your unique business needs. Leverage any number of the various collaboration tools within the Microsoft platform, maximizing your productivity no matter where you choose to work.

Here are some of the top collaboration tools included in most Microsoft 365 for Business packages:

Exchange Online

World-class business email services that provide up to 50Gb of storage per mailbox, per user. In addition to mailbox access across all your devices, you also have access to built-in spam and malware filtering to keep your communications secure. With certain packages, you can even add on advanced phishing protection.

OneDrive Online

A sizable 1Tb of cloud storage capacity is available with each Microsoft subscriber license. With OneDrive, you can sync across all your favorite Microsoft tools so you always have access to your documents, no matter where you choose to work. Easily share documents and collaborate with your peers through live document links, online collaboration, and more

Microsoft Teams

Teams lets you call, chat, video conference, and collaborate with team members and clients with ease. You can even store team documents, meeting notes, and other files directly within the app – allowing you to access, edit, and collaborate from within the office or remotely. The robust voice quality and HD video make leveraging Teams for calling and video conferencing seamless to your internal teams and your clients.

SharePoint Online

A top-notch web-based file storage system that lets you host, share, and collaborate on documents across your organization and with your client base. Easily integrate with Teams for even more collaboration features, such as chat, screen sharing, and more.

Best in Class Security Features

With every Microsoft 365 for Business package, you’ll gain access to Microsoft’s Exchange Online Protection program – offering advanced spam and malware protection. Microsoft’s security platform meets key international, regional, and industry-specific standards, keeping your organization safe from threats. With controlled access policies, you can control who has access to your data – from both within and outside the organization. In addition, the 365 Admin Center allows you to create password policies that keep account access secure in case of a potential security breach.