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Business Information

Start protecting your data, devices, and passwords today so that you can focus on growing your business with confidence.

Cybersecurity Insurance Checklist

With insurance companies paying out hundreds of millions in cybersecurity claims, they are requiring that their policy holders enact strict cybersecurity postures in order to maintain coverage.

Simplify Your Office Technology While Still Providing A Great IT Experience.

Meraki simplifies your IT while helping your businesses adapt to changing needs, embrace new opportunities and minimize security risks. As a result, Meraki technology helps to drive results that lead to growth and ongoing business success.

Microsoft 365 NIST Assessment or Microsoft 365 CIS Assessment for Financial Organizations

Reduce your regulatory overhead by using cloud platforms that have security designed in from the ground up. Sleep easier when you leverage Microsoft and BBH provided toolsets administered by our BBHWorks managed service offering.

During audit time, keep your focus on your core business. Let BBH assist you with reports, and we’ll even be present during auditor visits. Learn more:

Achieve More with BBH

Are you satisfied with your IT? BBH Solutions provides seamless security and compliance for the tri-state area.

Enhance Your Microsoft 365 Support

The Microsoft Digital Partner Of Record (DPOR) program allows you to connect a Microsoft Tier-One Partner. The DPOR is a customer-approved connection to both Microsoft and your approved partner.

Infographic – Security & Compliance

Financial institutions are more dependent than ever on technology to conduct day-to-day business. While this has revolutionized the industry, it also opens up banking establishments to several costly security concerns. Let’s take a look at some of the most common weak spots that come up on IT audits and what can be done to correct them.

Whitepaper – What Goes Into a Vendor’s SOC 2 Audit?

Learn more about SOC 2 compliance, how it is maintained, and what goes into a SOC 2 audit. You will want to find out why it’s important for your vendors to be SOC 2 compliant.

Download your free whitepaper: What Goes Into a Vendor’s SOC 2 Audit? An Overview for Regional Banks.

5 Reasons to Protect Your VPN With MFA

If your main VPN security layer is a username/password login, you’re making your network a target for attack. This method has long been considered subpar in terms of security. And for your core network that houses the transfer of company, employee and client data, subpar won’t cut it.

Collaborate in real time and leverage the intelligence of the cloud with the latest from Windows 10 and Microsoft 365.