Audiovisual Integration

Where IT & Audiovisual converge with a team of Experts

Video communications gives you the ability to meet “face-to-face” with virtually anyone across the globe. The power of AV and conference room technologies multiplies when these formerly stand-alone solutions are integrated into the IT Network. How do you get it done? You need a partner with the staff and expertise in IT integration and the newest AV technologies for the richest and most accessible video and conference room experiences.

The experts at BBH have the certification and knowledge to bring AV and IT together for optimized performance. Some of the requirements for classic AV solutions haven’t changed, but the technology has advanced by light years. Interactive “display glass” to multipoint desktop video conferencing with screen sharing are common new requests.

BBH has a world class AV team with referenceable experience. You can be assured of: great design, quality fabrication, QC testing, professional installation and professional project management. All the AV devices will be monitored and maintained with your choice of BBH “Works” program.

Keeping your network secure and monitored is CRITICAL as well as designing an EASY to use room. Global standards are always considered, and adhered to. Remember, our team is – IT / AV – and not the other way around because AV devices are just as vitally important IP devices on the network as any other device and have to be SECURE. Any device could be an “On Ramp” to threats to your company. This is why our Lookout monitoring will help keep you confident and protected and this is why you need an IT centric company installing your AV solution.

A Sound Process

We have developed a sound methodology that is applied to every project. This will ensure that your IT / AV installation is a complete success; from concept to completion and moving forward with ongoing optimization and maintenance.

This methodology is the “B4U” process. During the first step, “B1”, BBH works with you to understand your objectives and business presentation and collaboration needs. We examine what you have already invested in and evaluate if we can integrate existing audio visual technologies for your desired outcome. No detail will be overlooked. A collaborative exchange of ideas will take us to the B2 step.

For your solution to reach to the “next level,” your partner must have a rigid process as part of their culture. We verify a pre-designed solution that is based on real installation experience, not just theory. The BBH team’s skills and disciplines include:

  • IT/AV Assessment process
  • AV Engineers with significant CAD experience
  • Sales Engineers & Engineering
  • Expert Fabricators
  • Expert Programmers
  • Infrastructure Installation Expertise
  • Firewall and AV network Monitoring
  • Project Managers
  • Testing / Verification / Documentation & Training

For clients with very specific or unusual requirements, our Custom Solutions enable us to tailor the video solution to exact needs usage requirements for rooms, users and applications of all types.


You will receive a world class drawing package for all engaged and working on project such as: consultants, electrical contractors, facilities personnel who may be engaged in device wall blocking or device hanging and architects.

Exact information for AV cabling and formal cable pull schedules is what you can expect. BBH has a very experienced infrastructure cabling team. From the most complex hospital operating rooms to the most complex enterprise environments, BBH’S – ‘B-Wired’ solution offers you complete documentation, device mounting, and plate detail from floor boxes to table box placements.

You will receive separate AV flows for audio – video- control, rack elevations and reflected ceiling plans if needed. Your BBH account manager will be proud to show you examples (please ask) as well as take you on tours of other clients installations.

We promise that you will know how to operate your audiovisual communications system with confidence.
You will take pleasure in the user-friendly interface, intuitive controls, and you will confidently understand the software that runs the technology.

The IT advantage – it is why our practice is IT / AV

Why IT? Because AV devices just like any network devices can be “On Ramps” to your network becoming infected with virus & malware – even Ransomware from a device could infect an entire company’s data base.

Protect yourself & your company Network

At BBH Solutions – all of our contracts include a network Monitoring tool called “Lookout” and that tool will alert us 24X7X 365 of any issues relating to your AV devices on the network that have a problem. After logging into our “On Line” ‘Web Trouble Ticket’ – an alert will inform our support teams of the issues and step one toward a remedy will have already begun.

AV, Voice and Peripherals Reports

With ongoing monitoring and data collection, rich data is available to compile reports to include all of the following that have relevant datasets available and applicable:

  • Deep AV and Network Discovery Information
  • Network Map
  • Traffic Path Analysis
  • Inventory of AV and Peripheral Equipment

BBH ensures that no AV device can act as an “onramp” for security breaches – a fact most AV integrators do not even consider. BBH goes “Beyond video” as an IT centric firm.

BBH is an IT centric company with a world class AV overlay team considered the best in the industry.

And of course…

1. BBH selects, integrates and deploys IT-ready video systems using best-in-class technology from leading vendors that are ideally suited to meet your requirements now and as they grow. Solutions such as Video Conferencing can be deployed as a full “On Premises” solution or as a fully Hosted one.

2. BBH enables the seamless integration between video meeting solutions and unified communications platforms to tie meeting rooms, desktops, and mobile clients together in a single, fully-functional environment. From installations of interactive video walls to mission critical monitoring, our advanced display systems are custom designed to make a statement.

BBH is experienced and ready. That is why we are today’s trusted breed of communications companies;
one that has a core expertise in IT and networking.

We truly understand the convergence of Data, and Video.

Ask about our Corporate master Services agreements and obtain a tour of an extranet site that can be yours – delivering national Standard room types for the consistency your organization needs.