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General Information

this is really critical- without this we cannot select best solutions for you. Even 'ranges' help- see or ask for general room budget chart to help if needed.
AV onlyor part of other renovation work?

CAD Files

If this project is signed, we will need CAD files of the space for our design.
Have you requested CAD files and will they be available?YesNoUnsure


At a minimum, take the following photos:

Other Information


Infrastructure Information:

Are there any floor boxes in proper locations that we can re-use?YesNo

Is there any information about existing conduits and where they route?YesNo

Are there any existing AV devices in areas where new equipment would reside? As an example, if we are replacing an existing display, can we reuse the box behind the display if there is one?YesNo

If we need to supply/install a new rack, where will it be located? (Send floor plans) If it is located inside of furniture, please describe. Is the furniture new or existing?NewExisting

Room Construction Details

What is the finish of the floors?WoodTileCarpetConcreteOther

What is the type of ceiling?Drop TileSheetrockOther

If the ceiling is Sheetrock, are there access panels that can be used to pull wire?YesNo

Approximately how much space is there between the finished ceiling and deck above?

Type of walls and descriptionSheetrockBrickConcreteOther

How many of the walls have windows?1234

Ambient light from windows can create issues with video images, especially projection. Will there be enough ambient light from windows that window treatments should be installed?YesNo

YesNoNot sure

Conference table:



(If yes, confer with SE for more discovery)

Video Functionality

Check off functions to have control system "control" from panel - (per room):


Audio Functionality

Check off functions interested in (per room):

Control Functionality

Is a Crestron Control System required?YesNo

Check off functions interested in (per room):

Network Requirements:

It is strongly recommended that a dedicated VLAN be created on your network for exclusive use of the AV devices. Would you need BBH to help your IT department to accomplish this?YesNo

We may need several ports for AV devices. Ask your IT Dept. if these ports available?YesNo

Do you want BBH to be responsible for extending LAN connections to the table?YesNo

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