In the Cloud


So What is Optimized?

Classic Unified Communications system integrators do not offer both “Cloud” & “On Premises” solutions or a combination typically understood as “Hybrid” to complement your IT teams efforts. BBH offers all the Voice/Data/Video services under one roof (no subcontracting), including a world class Infrastructure team. This optimizes solutions with an ‘IT’ BBH architect oversight. Our multimillion dollar investment at the CoreSite NY2 Data Center is best in breed for our clients.

Why Beyond?

Optimization with BBH provides clients with a ‘clear lens’ from our IT teams on ‘assessments’ of what is needed today and the roadmap for the future. This allows us to think ‘Beyond’ our clients needs today and what your challenge will be in the future. The “On/Off” Premise bundled solutions keeps your IT challenges and worries with BBH so you can get to growing your business beyond the technology challenges we all face daily.

Voice – Data – Video

The customer has protection and automatic resilience as we temporarily (or permanently) convert your operations to our data center. BBH provides optimized customer protection while at the same time offers a more seamless transition “Beyond” old Unified Communications solution integrators. BBH offers 10 proven Pillars of Excellence taking you to the next level when you’re ready.