Baseline Employee
Cybersecurity Assessment

Employee training and cybersecurity knowledge play key roles in protecting your organization. Without proper ongoing training, employees are an easy entry point for cybercriminals. Our Baseline Employee Cybersecurity Assessment evaluates your users’ understanding of cybersecurity and helps you to identify training opportunities.

What The Assessment Does

While physical security risk assessments will identify any gaps in a business network, the human element must not be overlooked. Ongoing training is critical. Our Baseline Employee Cybersecurity Assessment provides a deeper dive into which part of that human factor needs to be strengthened.

What’s in the Assessment

The questions in the Assessment focus on the broad world of cybercrime and how it affects business environments.

We look at the user’s knowledge of how cybercriminals work. The focus isn’t on one type of attack or methodology of cybercrime, but on the overall information and terms. It also emphasizes that the responsibility of cybersecurity falls on them as individuals as well as your business and the IT team.

How the Assessment Provides Value

Once the assessment has been completed, you will receive a comprehensive report. This report will detail the average score across all employees who completed the assessment, as well as their individual scores. The report then breaks down several categories to show where your employees need additional training.

This new tool will show your human security risks at baseline.

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Uncover Assumptions & Misconceptions

The assessment focuses on critical points that your employees may need additional training on, such as:

  • How cybercriminals access Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
  • Known email, text, and phone scams
  • What happens with stolen data?
  • Common perceptions of cybercrime groups
  • How cybercriminals get paid

We want to discover your users’ perception of cybercrime from an individual perspective. This will help you understand where your employees feel the risks are truly coming from.

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