Defense In-Depth: Protection against KRACK, Wannacry and other potential attacks

Cover the most vulnerable points in your network – workstations,  web browsing, and email

BBH encourages a layered approach to security to create multiple lines of defense. By combining Lookout Desktop and Server agents which include anti-malware, anti-virus, regular patching, monitoring by our NOC, and reporting in an enterprise portal with B-Secure Email and Web Security, you can fortify your endpoint defense and repel threats from the two most common entry points to your environment.


Lookout Remote Monitoring and Response services provide you with peace of mind that your data has multiple layers of protection against the rapidly increasing threat landscape.  New botnet attacks, malware, worms, trojans, viruses, and crypto attacks emerge on a daily basis.  BBH Solutions Lookout for Desktops and Lookout for Servers products bundle industry leading solutions for anti-malware and antivirus plus a FULLY MANAGED patching solution!

B-Secure Email and Web Security

Our B-Secure offering provides Email and Web Security, protecting your systems from the most frequent form of infection via email and browsers.  Increasingly complex and targeted attacks such as phishing scams make your users vulnerable to accidentally invite unwanted malware into your environment.  Email and Web filtering can help prevent malicious content from reaching your users!  Add-ons like sandboxing add security and data-loss prevention to protect against insider threats.

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