Phishing Scams

Can your employees recognize a phishing attack? Human security plays a key role in protecting your organization; without proper ongoing training, employees are an easy entry point for cybercriminals.

Why This Assessment Matters


of organizations experienced email-based phishing attacks in 2021


of organizations faced business email compromise attacks in 2021


of organizations saw
spearfishing attacks

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Social Media Threats Are Growing

74% of organizations experienced attacks via social media in 2021. Social media gives hackers a whole database of information to make spear-phishing attacks even more effective. Hackers can now craft personalized messages that look like they are coming from an employee’s manager or peer. Think of how much is on LinkedIn alone

How the Assessment Helps Keep You Safe

Our assessment is designed to uncover vulnerabilities in your environment. Each of your employees will submit responses—management is then given a report that provides the average score across all employees who completed the assessment, as well as their individual scores.

The results highlight human security risks at baseline, helping to emphasize the essential need for an ongoing security awareness training program to reduce those risks.

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