BBH Solutions “Lookout” Helps MSPs Identify Network Products Affected by Cisco Clock Signal Component Notice

Thursday, February 9, 2017

BBH Solutions’ Network Architects from their managed service team have worked quickly to identify Cisco products with a faulty clock signal component on client networks.

In a February 2 notice, Cisco revealed that a clock signal component in some of its products is prone to degrading over time.

“Although the Cisco products with this component are currently performing normally, we expect product failures to increase over the years, beginning after the unit has been in operation for approximately 18 months,” Cisco noted in their announcement. “Once the component has failed, the system will stop functioning, will not boot, and is not recoverable.”

BBH has already identified many clients’ components affected in order to get those units replaced by Cisco as soon as possible based on the time line of age on location.  Cisco has announced it will replace all affected products that are under warranty or covered by a valid service contract.

“Many MSPs don’t have accurate or up-to-date information about the devices on their client networks,” said Alex Hoff, Auvik’s VP Sales & Product. “They’ll need to run potentially hundreds of commands to identify if a device is subject to the Cisco notice. It’s something an MSP must do, but it takes time—and we all know, time is money.”

BBH 24x7x365 network monitoring service called ‘Lookout’ has scripts put in place based on Cisco’s detailed description of the devices impacted, to create a list of affected devices instantly. Lookout’s network-focused RMM provides visibility and reporting on infrastructure devices, such as routers, switches, and firewalls. The solution’s automated real-time network inventory provides BBH and our clients with device information such as make, model, serial number, and firmware / software versions.

“Lookout” delivered a smart, timely response to help us quickly address this Cisco component notice,” said Robinson Roca, Lead Network Engineer and Cloud Architect at BBH Solutions. “The solution saved us untold hours of technician time and helped us provide proactive service to our clients. No other system does what the Auvik component in our Lookout solution does for us.”

Other networking vendors use the same clock signal component that Cisco uses but so far no others have come forward with an announcement.



John Allegro

Manager of Sales Operations