Hosted and Premise-Based Video Collaboration Suite

We all know the business value of visual communication. People retain more knowledge when they have the opportunity to see, hear, and discuss a topic. With the BConnected suite of HD video conferencing services you can capture the visual impact of all of your meetings, even when the parties are located across the globe.

Positively impact sales and performance with our best in class video conferencing solution anytime, anywhere, and on ANY device:

Conference Room Display • Desktop or Laptop • Smartphone • Tablet

BConnected video is available as an On-Premise or Hosted solution. This service extends high-quality video conferencing for enterprise-class HD video collaboration from a patented infrastructure to rich APIs that can video-enable virtually platform or operating system.


b-connected-video-freedemoHere are a few of the capabilities that BConnected Video offers:

  • Industry-leading Ultra HD 4K resolution
  • Participants can join from nearly any device with a single click
  • Reliable quality even on variable networks and WiFi, 3G/4G
  • Signal encryption and PIN codes to ensure security
  • In-conference public and private text chat
  • Share desktop and applications with other conference members
  • Far end camera control
  • Virtual desktop/thin client support

Solution Benefits

  • Host conferences in your own virtual conference room with simple click-to-connect access for both administered users and guests
  • Works on existing computers and laptops, no need for expensive dedicated appliances
  • See the details by popping shared content out to a separate window or second monitor
  • No more commuting to the conference room

Solution Configurations

  • All Hosted – very popular for those who have fewer than 10 concurrent users on video
    conference at one time.
  • Hybrid – Most often used with many concurrent users – especially when many over seas.
    (Requires a small on-premises “link” to keep costs low)
  • All On Premises – You desire to have a CapEx and purchase, and control all the equipment in your closet.
b-connected-video-image-3Free phone in only bridge**

Service Tiers Levels are based on the number of users on a video conference at the same time (any device – any time – any place – any smart phone, iPad, tablet, desktop). Separate call-in by phone only included.

  • 3-15 concurrent end users (bridge for up to 8 outside callers included at no charge)
  • 16-40 concurrent users (bridge for up to 8 outside callers included at no charge)
  • 41+ concurrent users (bridge for up to 8 outside callers included at no charge)


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