Is your Data Protected ?


If you had a major outage of any kind, how would you recover your data? If you lost your Data, how fast (RTO) would you want it recovered?

RTO = Recovery Time Objective

We are tempted to state ‘when you lose your data’, but we will stay optimist for you. After all, when was the last time your e-mail (for example) was down? All internal IT issues aside, storms, fires, mostly water are too often a common occurrence.

If you lost your Data how far back (RPO) would you want/need to look for it; immediately, an hour, week, or month ago?

RPO= Recovery Point Objective.

Firstly, think about where you would like to keep your Data Protected.
Protect your data off-site from your daily operations.

There are two places where clients put it…
a) Public Cloud
b) Private Cloud

BBH Solutions offers both Private and/or Public Cloud storage for its clients to choose from


Why are we recommending BBH private Cloud?

Let us restate that our BConnected Data solution represents a multimillion dollar investment at CoreSite NY2#; a world-class independent Data facility ranked one of the best on the planet. For more information on CoreSite, please visit to see the intense security protecting our servers – this is not just a server at someone’s office desk!

Perhaps this comparison is worth considering:
Many people like to buy insurance from a local insurance company because of relationships with the agent. Your insurance agent knows you; he understands how your family (more so your business) needs change for your automobile, homeowners, liability, bonding etc.

Why do many businesses, or perhaps yourself, have personal relationships with their agents? Because the confidence of both the product selected and the person to call is at hand and on the line. It is not some 1-800 number to a mass insurance agent with a ‘gecko’ relationship. Maybe it works fine, maybe not? But this is your business… no maybes allowed! In another venue, whom are you to call at Google to retrieve your e-mail or spreadsheets?

Another person asked me – if you owned a restaurant and the digital POS (Point Of Sale) register and billing went down how long could you wait to get it going and how fast? That is your desired RTO.

BBH Solutions will provide you with White Glove Service in our CoreSite Private Cloud. Our world-class solution at CoreSite’s Data center has the resilient “gold” standard for protection. Couple that with BBH’s (RPO-RTO) solutions from EMC and you have the best in class Security & Protection. BBH’s Data Domain is ready to connect to you NOW for your peace of mind. B-Protected!! B-Secure!!

One path in helping you get started:

  1. This is most common because many business owners are still just getting used to the idea of using the cloud and understanding the savings of hosting. Therefore many continue to spend money on IT to attempt to keep up and have “Bare Metal” in their closet. Stop doing this is step one.
  2. The next step is moving to VMware which virtualizes computing to and from a Data Center to the cloud & mobile devices. Current server’s power are vastly underutilized. VMware allows you to run multiple virtual machines on one server. Each machine can share resources. BBH loads a small, efficient operating system or “hypervisor” directly on your host (server) and… you have just taken the next critical step to a more powerful, safer, resilient, redundant way to protect your data.
  3. Should you buy a new server for this VMware, not often necessary, however if needed, BBH will direct you to the “Gold Standard” in servers using VMware and more – EMC. One such server with VMware is VSPEX Blue